DigitalRG is the only membership-based cloud platform for responsible gaming & CSR. Gap analysis, eLearning for your teams, strategy builder and more - all under one roof.

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Four steps for success

1. Assess where you stand

Our online assessments enable you to benchmark yourself against competitors and all the major RG certifications. This enables you to quickly find out where you stand, where you need to improve and what resources might be needed.

2. Develop the strategy & plan

CSR and responsible gaming are the responsibilities of all your employees, and being able to share a clear plan with your team can maximise effectiveness. DigitalRG provides a range of interactive templates and plans, in which roles and responsibilities for different tasks can be allocated to team members with timelines and directions.

3. Implement your strategy & train your teams

DigitalRG gives you access to eLearning modules for all your employees, as well as tools to assess the risk levels of your games or resources to find the relevant research for your team to make effective decisions.

4. Measure the effectiveness

Use the DigitalRG KPI trackers to ensure you spend your time and money on initiatives that have a positive impact - and to see what you need to do to improve your strategy.

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In the words of our users

Four key benefits:

  1. Legal: mitigate risks of non-compliance,
  2. Brand: improve your reputation,
  3. Efficiency: increase productivity + reduce costs,
  4. Licence to grow: find new opportunities to grow your business.
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